A Journey of me with Aham(my-self)

Where do I start ,let me tell you all that my real journey has just started. I think by now most of you have know what this blog is about but here it is for others. How many of you dream? Such a naive question! Let put it in an another way. How many have you those dreams where you have to take time from your busy daily life and put an additional , extra effort + money and time to achieve this? Pause for a second have your inner soul to think for some time - i mean it - I know you all started thinking for a second, and this is where I wanted to start this blog with.
Being born and grown up in INDIA We always heard about INDIA being a great country in values and our culture is very great. we should walk, talk, behave e.t.c in certain ways. I always use to wonder what is so great about it as every country is great in there own way . Well I Love my country INDIA but these questions were always at back of my head on and off. Now with this path of Yoga it is making more sense of why we have been taught / brought up that way.


Moving into a different perspective, I learnt Yoga in India not from any master or Guru but in Hyderabad they use to teach every morning in general parks. I was just fun then where Yoga was all about flexibility and just get into the pose without even thinking what it does. But after doing that 1 hour of Yoga I used to have a very good feeling through out the day which takes me back to that mat every day.Since then Yoga has been part of my life but never too serious until recently.


I have started with Aham Yoga from Oct 2016 and there was a 200 HR teacher training which was getting started in Jan 2017 till Apr 2017. Back in my head I was curious to know more but was very doubtful if even I am that strong and flexible to do this. We all have this notion of and in order to be a Yoga teacher you need:
  • Yoga Body
  • Strength
  • Flexibility. E.t.c

Thought Process....

When I spoke with my teacher about this she has definitely given me her input and also asked me to think about it well. When I came back home and discussed this with my FAMILY , they were the one who were more inspired than me and just said "If you can't do it now when would you do?" You might think this is a common statement but to me this changed my thought process. I am a Full time Employee, having 2 young kids(5 and 2 year old boys) and living in USA . If you are thinking what is great about this, well let me tell you that it was not an easy journey.


Below was how my schedule looks like:
  • Monday - 6:15 PM to 9:30 PM ( Start - reach Home) a 75 min class practice and an observation class after that.
  • Wednesday - 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (a 75 min class practice and an observation class after that).
  • Friday - 5:45 PM to 8:30 PM ( 75min class Practice and an extra practice class for 60min)
  • Saturday - 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Sunday - 10:00AM to 4:00 PM
Besides this there was a lot of material to read and practice at home. I can read your expression on face but believe me every second and minute of the course is worth it. I am only sharing my view this detailed because if this can help at-least one person achieve there dreams. All I would like to explain/request is try Yoga and see how it makes wonders. If you ask me I would introduce Yoga in Schools and get the discipline in every human being right from Kid. If any one is looking or interested in this teacher training do not hesitate thinking of those Yoga body. Your body would tone automatically when you are doing Yoga. If you have the plan/desire to be a Yoga teacher do not stop for any of those obstacles listed above. You will raise beyond them and will be a better human being.

ThankYou Note....

I would end this blog thanking my teachers Arundathi , Jamie Lee from Aham Yoga. The most valuable,respected,loving soul in my entire journey till date - My Mother . Last but not the least to my husband and my little ones for their priceless support. Thank you so much for always supporting me through out this Journey. Before i forget , my 7 other Yoga teachers who got trained along with me: Chris, Brook, Suyong, Maddy, Xuan, Marcy and Dawn. Every one had a very different background and we all got connected with this amazing Yoga Path. Wish you all good luck. Thanks for your valuable contributions, Suggestions

To Be Continued....

Now connecting the dots, the greatness of INDIA has been slowly revealing through this Journey which Is an amazing experience. I would try to bring some of the examples through my blogs. Stay Tuned. Happy Journey

Thank you all!
With Love,

What is the importance/Significance of 108 number?

Have You ever heard about this number “108” ?
If you have come from Indian background I am sure this is something you have been hearing from childhood.
Have you ever wondered why just 108? The important thing to know is its just not Hinduism which follows this number but many other religions like Buddhism, Jainism e.t.c also has significance importance for this. Beyond religions and customs Yoga uses 108 as well. You might have heard about 108 Sun salutations happening hear and there on special occasions like New Year or World Yoga Day e.t.c. This specific number have been considered safely since time immemorial and is explained in many different ways.Here is the one I believe and do in my Yoga practice.
In Our body system there are 54 important inner intersections-(there are nearly 84000 nerves in the human body and at places some intersect. Each intersection has Masculine and feminine called Shiva and Shakti These are the qualities that function alternatively in our body through the two nadis - *IDA and *PINGALA and hence the number 108. So when we do 108 Sun Salutations it is actually 54 with your right leg and 54 with your left which meets those intersections. Also once you start doing 108 Sun salutations believe me its a moving meditation.

Initially I was wondering will I survive the entire 108 but the truth is you will not even notice that the numbers are just fading down. How intelligent a human was some 5000 years ago where there was no electronics or pure form of science yet. I believe that this path has some amazing secrets hidden and the only way we can know is to start practicing Yoga. People have a very bad notion of Yoga is only to stretch and only for women but in-fact it was opposite. Yoga was only learnt and taught by Men for various reasons. We can have another blog just for that. All I would ask any of you reading this is try Yoga just not 1 time.
Give at least a month and it will do is help you in all means. Your Body/Mind and Soul will all be one when you are in some poses and why do you want to take that beautiful moment away from you. I would also like to share the other possible reasons just for an FYI.
According to the Indian system of reckoning time, a day of 24 hours has sixty ghatis, a division of time according to Indian system. Each ghat has 60 pales and each pale has 60 vipalas. Thus in a day there are 216000 vipalas(60*60*60)which when divided by 2 gives 108000 vipalas for the day and 108000 vipalas for the night. On removing the zeros one get to the 108 number.
An another explanation is that the 108 beads symbolize the 108 elements that constitute universe. The sun being the pivot of the universe. Any orbit in space has 360 degrees which when converted into minutes would be 360*60=21600. The sun remains for half a year on each side, alternatively in the northern and southern ayana or declination. When we divide the sun total minutes into two parts, we get 108,00 minutes. For purity of counting the zeros are removed and we get the figure of 108.
Another example for Bhakti Yoga :
The quantum of beads in a mala has multi dimensional significance. Ideally a Hindu mala consists of 108 beads, but the different tenets/schools and scriptures have specified varying bead quantum. Some may be enumerated thus -

  • Spirituality attainment – 27 beads
  • Desire fulfillment – 108 beads
  • Wealth acquisition – 30 beads
  • Dexterity in black magic – 30 beads

Kids Yoga

More updates to follow....