Yoga for Women……

I love to teach Yoga to Women to make them Strong {in/out}!!!!


Strong Women creates Strong Families.


This blog is very personal to me and I am only conveying from my bottom of heart how I transformed with YOGA or YOGA helped me to transform of what I am currently.

I do not want to talk about Benefits of Yoga in this blog rather I want to talk about YOGA for WOMEN, rather why Women should do Yoga? Here is why:

Women in general sees a huge reflections or variations in here life being a kid – teenager – women / Wife – Mom. Every part of life has many commitments towards her. Don’t get me wrong i am not saying Men do not but Women has more (may be women creates this), its just the nature of Women.

During this process, we go through many mental and physical challenges like Can I do this?  Am i looking good? Am i capable enough? Will I be a good Mom? How can I loose weight ? Am i in the right relationship ? When is my period cycle ? Am I hitting menopause? My back(chronic pain) hurts? e.t.c I know you get this, not i am coming to point of how YOGA can help you answer every part of your questions.

disclaimer: You need a good teacher and a consistency practice to learn these concepts and it is just not asanas we are talking here but much more .

Exercise: I want you to close your eyes for a moment and bring your self in the imagination and ask your self what is that 1 thing your want in life the most?

Did you write it? Common don’t just read through, believe me this is for your own good.

To me it is : “HEALTH” !

Do you agree?

Now, your next questions why YOGA and not other forms? Any exercise will keep you active and help you to stay fit and strong physically. What about your mental health?

I know what you are thinking? then how about Yoga? Remember my disclaimer, it is the teacher who can help you not just with your poses but also adds mental strength and helps to polish yourself to create a better version of you.

When a women in the family is active, fit, strong physically and mentally, postive to deal with any curve ball life gives her or how she reacts with the situation then she sets and example for that fmaily where the kids are watching and learning from her. This makes the kids be strong or atleast have some one whom they can look at as “ROLE MODEL”. This is it !

I want to be a ROLE MODEL for my kids in many ways. Not to be scared of trying new things in later of there life or to leave a well earned job and chase the dreams you always wanted or just to know themselves and the purpose of there life. I strongly and honesly believe this can be done by Women and only by Women.

Now last but not the least, Benefits for Women to do YOGA:

  1. Yes it helps you on your weightloss or toning your body. But askyourself is this all you want? You want to reduce weight or stay strong?
  2. Yoga helps you to reduce Anxiety and Stress.
  3. Yoga helps you during your regular Periods reducing your cramps and also increasing your mood during those days.
  4. Yoga helps for Constipation. More info avaiable here Yoga for Constipation.
  5. Helps you during and also recover from Pre-natal and post – natal Yoga.
  6. Helps you over come any kind of trauma.
  7. Most important and the best one for me is it helps me to realize that my both sides are not equal which helps me validate on every tough situation to look from my tighter angle. This helps me to be patient and react more mindfully rather than just react

Remember ” No amount of wealth is equal to Health”.










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