Yoga For Constipation

This Blog is coming to you from a very personal and repetitive question I hear
from parents. You might have read/googled or went to doctors regarding this problem but believe me the medicine is in your own hands. As you know sometimes too much information is useless. Going to potty is a habit you need to inculcate within the kid at a very young age, so the body gets to know the best hygiene methods and these were some common principles followed by my parents as we grow up. The Indian system always makes sure you are at your best hygiene at all times.


Yoga being the Origin of India it has been inculcated into the culture in many
many ways and I would like to introduce one of the NIYAMA called SAUCHA.

Now if you are having the question of how exactly elimination comes into this
Saucha category and also trying to justify that it is not in your hands to work on this then read along. Some serious underlying medical problems if you leave this as not a problem are:

Underlying medical problems

The following are some underlying medical problems that can bring on
• certain diseases, such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes
• problems with the colon or rectum, including intestinal obstruction, irritable
bowel syndrome (IBS), or diverticulosis
• overuse or misuse of laxatives (medications to loosen stools)
• hormonal problems, including an underactive thyroid gland

If the above list didn’t get into the head, just ask yourself on how you can put in
food into your mouth where your previous day food is not digested or
eliminated. Doesn’t it seem Gross or doing wrong for the body?

Your body is like a temple and isn’t your responsibility to take care of it?
And if you as a parent do not follow and implement How are we going to teach
kids? Remember kids watch us and learn.

Notice your day and go to lu without a book or electronics. That’s your personal moment to notice how your digestion is working and to know how much of gut bacteria you haveWe are so lost right from the moment you open your eyes until you collapse your body on the bed. Is this life? Well, I guess
this is another blog itself. I have taken an attempt from my-side to help you and your kid to teach some basic beginner-friendly poses hoping you would
benefit from it. In below I would like to update on how Yoga helps in Constipation


Though yoga may not be the first thing that comes to mind when
it comes to constipation, there is some evidence that suggests
yoga can help alleviate it.

Below are some top 10 poses which I have selected for a better
bowel movement. Remember every Yoga pose has many many
benefits just like any vegetable has, but each vegetable is rich in
certain vitamins or minerals.

Same way the below poses have strong connection with Abdominal and digestive region.
















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