The Foundations of Yoga Teacher Training

It’s a life changing experience! Embrace every moment…..

I could not resist myself but write this blog hoping this would help at least one person out there.

As I see so much of information all-around social media about Yoga Teacher Training right from many big institutes to local ones and price ranging from earth to sky, I want you to choose your teacher mindfully/carefully and once you did that do not even reconsider if you have done it right instead focus on your practice and how can you get better at every pose based on your Lead teacher.

  • I am not here to suggest which studio is good for you or which one to consider even though I know which is the best around here in Seattle, WA 😊 (#Ahamyoga – me being partial 😉 ). But I am here to talk about how important it is for anyone who signups to YTT to take this opportunity a little seriously.
  •  What I mean by that is, no good YTT is less than 3000$ which is quite an amount but remember this is the best transformation you can invest in yourself. In my opinion, this is your Lifetime Opportunity to know about you and yourself. Please do not take it lightly. I will try to explain how this changed my perspective of life and towards things maybe another post.
  • 200 HR YTT is not something I honestly planned for. I hardly had 2 months of consistency in my practice but the moment I decided on YTT and paid my fee. I went all in. I got more than the value of how much I have put into this. I have practiced every possible class studio could provide. Not just with the lead teacher but any teacher to understand my practice and other teaching styles. Wait a minute if you like this feels like bragging, please apologize and my intention is to express that if you have planned for this for some amount of time then give everything you have got. Instead of finding excuses like “I can’t wake up early” or “too much work at the office” or “dealing with online kids education(I know this is a hard one)” but again honestly think through this and notice where you are losing time. Can you take some time off to deal with your priorities or plan well before night so you know what to expect? I know this is not easy as I write this or you read this but believe me its possible. If I could do this with a Full time IT job and managing kids who were 5 and 2 then was not easy. The only difference was it was not COVID times which has its own pros and cons.
  • Honestly believe in Yoga, yourself, and your teacher (this is the reason you should practice for some time to know if your frequency and your teachers match) and then believe me all things will fall in place. More importantly, you will start giving priority to your personal tasks too and you will totally transform into a very positive and thoughtful human being.
  • My teacher always says this, “ whatever you do, Yoga will help/make you do it better” . Why not get yourself the best version as the output of your YTT training. Again this is all in the hands of your Lead teacher on how your journey takes you to. Remember two hands are equally important to make a clap, 👏 with just one doing the hard work will not make the training successful.
  • If you have signed up for YTT and you are serious about it then start working on your practice. Notice what poses come naturally to you and what poses needs more work? For example, My strength is my legs and I can hold lunges and variations in it far better than say Virasana ( Hero Pose which is Beginner friendly) but my ankle used to scream at me. I had to train my ankle for a very long time to even hold the pose for 10-20 sec. Our bodies are different and so our practice is. Making notes on your own practice will help you go a very long way.
  • I am someone who puts in 100% when I truly believe in it and there is no looking back. Here is what I tell myself even now “ If not now, then WHEN”? This is me going through every possible option of what I have.  Honestly, my husband has given this boost saying every year rather every moment there is something important then what you are currently doing. Read that one more time for me, do you agree? How would you decide when is the perfect time? There is no time called perfect time but there is always a time for everything, where it is in your hands to make it perfect or not.
  • Last but not least enjoy every moment of your training even those toughest moments and have a zeal of learning through rough and tough times of the Training phase.

I wish you all the best in this Amazing journey of finding a better version of you!…..

Please do share your thoughts on how your training has molded you or if you are yet to take it hope these points help.

❤️ Srujana

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