More details about Svadhyaya Vidhyalaya

Welcome to Svadhyaya Academy!

At our preschool, our goal is to offer the best preschool experience to children by providing emotional, social, and educational growth opportunities in a caring environment. Find out how small class sizes, personalized instruction, and high accountability for students and staff are changing the lives of children every day. At Svadhyaya preschool, your child is taken into personal Self-Study and improve the areas where they are struggling to enhance the areas where they are good at.


Why SvadhyayaAcademy!

Some items important to our program include:

  • Nurturing teachers
  • Love and Logic school culture
  • Emphasis on Seven Virtues
  • Phonics language arts program
  • Parents, as our partners are invested in our community
  • Freedom with limits
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Second Step and Kelso‚Äôs Choice Social/Emotional Curriculum