Magic Happens with Yoga

Mixture of Colors

As you read this blog which is written through COVID-19 times where the uncertainty/negativity is more then positivity, I had a day where I felt gloomy,  unsupported,helpless, non-productive, dreary all those shades. I have reached out to Social media asking friends and followers for some moral support but surprisingly there was no response and honestly initially even that added sadness to my day but then a positive me responded saying who knows even they are also going through the same phase as me. That’s when I thought about this blog hoping and guessing this would help at least another person going through a day of these emotions.


Here are some Things I tried:

Being Yoga Instructor some things were easy to handle
like what type of poses to do when I am stressed or feel
anxious and work on them so I can feel better and pull the
day off(some how).

I generally finished my regular chores like cooking, taking
care of family needs and my regular work stuff but I was
not enjoying what I was doing as I was depressed. I have
been asking my self the reasons for why I feel that way
and again thanks to Yoga for teaching me Mindfulness
where I can step back and look up to my emotions and
work on them. I am sharing mine as example on how my
Yoga works/teaches me and hoping this would help you in some way











1. I have heard a very sad news regarding some unknown family where kids were orphaned as both parents died through Covid-19.
This was very disturbing to me as I have similar age kids and I
quickly connected with it and stressed out.
2. I generally do a very active practice and generally for 60-75min
but on the days where my body hurts mentally to move then I
would do Restorative. This doesn’t mean they are just lying down.
NO infant its opposite it is more of Backbends and inversions.
3. These are just not only the poses but I choose these as they are
some natural and comfortable poses for most of us even with out
experience in Yoga.
4. I have attached the videos to the post rather then the pose name
hoping it would help if you see and learn the pose visually then by
picture or name.

Hope this helps you in any of your TOUGH times and please share
your experience on these poses once you tried them.
See you soon in another post. Until then ,


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