2021 …… or 2020 {WON}


Have you done complaining enough about 2020? Now that you are in 2021 what exactly has changed? People are still with masks, using sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing.

Unless we change our view and notice what is truly important it honestly doesn’t matter if it is 2020 or 2021 or 2022.

I used to really think hard and took some funny and challenging resolutions at every start of the Year. Not to say they were so funny from not eating Banana / Ice-cream or sweets or chocolates it was majorly around that Fitness and Health but honestly towards weight watching. Call it 30+ or the year or acceptance this year is so different and I already have the clarity on what to focus on and achieve in this year.

All I would like to say is 2020 is a year of tolerance(in my opinion). This has shown us in many different situations and things like:

  1. The biggest one is 2020 showed us that we should improve more tolerance, humanity, and patience.
  2. It also taught us “ Do not take things for granted”. 😳 Well, this was learned in the hardest way.
  3. We definitely learned who are our real heroes in this crisis are.
  4. The people who are complaining the most, are the ones who are least affected in the past year.
  5. I have seen so many small businesses suffer and closed including mine but, Those who would not complain as a regular person does, as we know this too shall pass. Small businesses are people with passion and compassion, and they have seen the hardest times than this to overcome. Now stop complaining and support a small business by any means like by sharing a positive review on their page or by buying their gift cards or gifting those to your friends.
  6. A lot of people became creative and so many new things came into life just in 2020.
  7. Well, all the technology companies and fields have raised their share market irrespective of crisis in the rest of the world. Rich became Richest and Middle class has dropped in further step lower, but hardworking always pays.

Well, the past is the past, and the Present is what matters. Here are my resolutions for 2021. See if they resonate with yours or if you like them make your too:

  1. Read books in each genre. I am no longer into Romantic or Fiction books. I read a lot of motivational/Health/Spiritual/Yoga books. I have chosen 2 books from each section to Read this year.
  2. Work on my Journal more diligently. This includes my planning and gratitude journal. This is very important to keep things organized. I had an on and off relation with this but want to do it very sincerely this year.
  3. Really lessen my online shopping from bigger organizations. I know how convenient Amazon is but I really want Local businesses to shine back in the next couple of years. So Eat Local and Shop Local.
  4. More Gardening and sensible Compost tips to be followed.
  5. Do more DIY projects to lessen my carbon footprint.
  6. Living more Mindfully and do more Home self-practice and coming up with my content regularly on my blogs.
  7. Teaching at least 3-5 recipes to my older one! He will become a good cook.

With that note, the First day of 2021 is almost ending but you still have time to finish what you planned to do today.

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