Yoga For Constipation

This Blog is coming to you from a very personal and repetitive question I hear
from parents. You might have read/googled or went to doctors regarding this problem but believe me the medicine is in your own hands. As you know sometimes too much information is useless. Going to potty is a habit you need to inculcate within the kid at a very young age, so the body gets to know the best hygiene methods and these were some common principles followed by my parents as we grow up. The Indian system always makes sure you are at your best hygiene at all times.


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Magic Happens with Yoga

Magic Happens With Yoga

Mixture of Colors

As you read this blog which is written through COVID-19 times where the uncertainty/negativity is more then positivity, I had a day where I felt gloomy,  unsupported,helpless, non-productive, dreary all those shades. I have reached out to Social media asking friends and followers for some moral support but surprisingly there was no response and honestly initially even that added sadness to my day but then a positive me responded saying who knows even they are also going through the same phase as me. That’s when I thought about this blog hoping and guessing this would help at least another person going through a day of these emotions.

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