I do not want to teach Asanas……






Yes, you heard me right! I do not just want to teache poses to people. I want to teach YOGA to them which is much much more than Asanas/poses.

Its been 3+ years I have been teaching Yoga and I have grown in my own practice (not just ASANA) and overall teaching to classes.

I have never been as a Social Media fan just because it feels so intimidating to look at those fancy poses (believe me I am not jealous) and mainly what I see is not YOGA,  I see some kids/adults throwing themselves into which makes it more Gymnastics then Yoga ( well I do not want to get in there as it is a huge topic to itself).

Poses are just 1% of what YOGA PHILOSOPHY talks about. I do not understand why we are just stuck at those poses level. Is the Living of Yoga all about Poses?

Don’t get me wrong, poses are attracting which honestly have driven me towards YOGA too but as I grow to learn about this ancient practice my approach towards my teaching and practice is also changed.

Yes, Yoga poses, gives you confidence, and feels great in the inside out and it is important to move our body and release the tension of the body but honestly have you ever asked yourself if this is why you did your YTT. Is Poses/ ASANAS is all you want to learn and teach to the next generations?

Have you ever asked yourself if the students who come to class comes for YOGA or just ASANAS?

Don’t forget that you have an amazing ancient philosophy which is 5000+ years in your hands and yes these practices take time to learn, educate, implement, follow and eventually live them. But remember this is why you choose this in the first place.

Nowadays I see so many people talking just about either creative sequencing or Anatomy or some fancy pose, don’t get me wrong these as a teacher/instructor is needed but is this the only topics that make it YOGA or you a YOGA TEACHER?

Please ask your self?

I see many teacher training talking about ASANAS / ANATOMY / SEQUENCING / BUSINESS / Bio-mechanics but where are HISTORY of YOGA or Origins of Yoga or Pranayama or Limbs of Yoga or Meditation or Yoga Nidra and many many deeper subjects which is the real form of Yoga. I have either messaged or emailed them asking on these topics and honestly there is no reply. If you are a YTT or a Sincere Yoga Student who wants to be a teacher one day, I urge you to follow a teacher or lineage which is well-rooted and proved in many many ways and attend their workshops are webinars or talks. Remember there is a difference between talking about a topic and living that topic. Use your intellectual to choose wisely. In India, we have a saying “ WHEN STUDENT IS READY THE TEACHER WOULD APPEAR”! Isn’t this powerful!!!

Let me know what does YOGA means to you????? 


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