Svadhyaya Yoga Private Clasess

For Most people , group classes would be ideal! However , we understand that yoga practitioners of varying levels might require special attention for health reasons , specific training needs , or simply for convenience - in which case - we can set-up private Yoga Sessions.
Teaching 1 - 1 is my favorite way to teach yoga and I have been doing it full time since 2018. As your private yoga teacher, I will meet you exactly where you are and help you figure out what you need most from the practice. As the expert in this kind of teaching, I can take your needs, desires and goals and turn them into a practice that is fun and supportive for you! The practices of yoga serve to bring us into better balance in our lives, bodies, hearts and minds. Because a happy balance is the goal, your yoga practice can and should look totally different from day to day and can take many forms.
All private yoga sessions are designed and tailored specifically for you, and are based off of your needs and background. They are conducted one-on-one or smaller group(same needs) with one of our instructors.They can held in person or online or at the Svadhyaya Yoga studio.

Whom does Private Yoga help ?

Seriously. Private, tailored yoga lessons are that magical

You will leave every session feeling like you just had a nap, got a massage, did a challenging workout, practiced meditation and are ready to take on your family, work and life with patience, ease and focus

Pricing And Registration

1 Private Classes : $100
5 Private Classes : $450
10 Private Classes: $750